• Hams Hall Fishery Original Carp

    Dave with a 38lb Common Carp

  • Hams Hall Fishery Mirror Carp

    Dave with 'Petals', the 45lb Carp. At the time this was an Oxfordshire Record.

  • Hams Hall Fishery Mirror Carp

    Dave with a 62lb Mirror Carp.


Learn to Carp fish or just polish your skills. Tuition days available for both beginners and Intermediate anglers.

Dave, manager of Hams Hall Fishery and full time angler is a very experienced and proficient carp angler of 20 years, who frequently catches large carp. To date he has a personal best record of a 38lb Common (UK), 45.8lb Mirror (UK), 74lb Common (France), 62lb Mirror (France).

Tuition days offer a step by step program including:

• Correct Setup/Best Practice
• Fish safety
• Baiting situation
• Feature Finding
• Spodding
• Rig Safety

Dave offers a very hands on and practical approach. This ensures as much knowledge as possible is absorbed in order for you to gain a superb and respectful carping and watercraft experience. Sessions are available in either 24 Hour, or 48 Hour packages at Hams Hall Fishery. Included in the fee is the following:

• All Rods and Equipment
• Bait (subject to limitations)
• Evening Meal
• Tent/Camping equipment (overnight stay only, own sleeping bag required only)
• Fully insured
• Close 1 to 1 Practical Tuition

24 hr - £95.00
48 hr - £170.00

So book your course now and take this fantastic opportunity to learn with a recognised and experienced quality angler, where you get to ask as many questions as possible and hone your carp fishing skills.

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